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Rat River Technologies Inc. often causes people to double check if they heard the name right. "Rat" seems to throw them off. Our first office was located close to the beautiful Rat River, and "Rat" refers to the many muskrats and beavers that populate the area.

However, we chose the name for two other reasons. The first was that this is where we wanted to live and work, in a beautiful rural area. The second is because we believe that technology should be available to all people, regardless where they are located.

Rat River Technologies Inc. has, since its inception in 1995, brought state of the art technological solutions to Manitoba and throughout Canada. Though we have moved since, we have always kept close ties to our rural roots.

Our expertise in PTP, PMP, and managed WiFi solutions, have allowed individuals and businesses to match and far exceed their expectations. Whether its broadband IP, TDM, VOIP, remote control, monitoring, WiFi, RFID, or video surveillance, Rat River Technologies Inc. has a solution for you.

Rat River Technologies Inc.
Suite 363, 23-845 Dakota St.
Winnipeg, MB
R2M 5M3

(204) 255-4647 Office, (204) 223-9970 Cell

General Inquires : info@ratrivertech.ca
Support : support@ratrivertech.ca