SmallCell Architecture
The Proven Recipe for Carrier-Class Wi-Fi Deployments

The tremendous acceleration in mobile data traffic has been well documented over the years and continues in all geographies. Most of the traffic is coming from highly concentrated areas where large numbers of people congregate. There are several techniques that can be used to address the densification challenge including Wi-Fi APs, 3G/LTE small cells, more macro cells, and additional RF carriers. Each of these options will be part of the mobile operator’s toolkit.
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SmallCell Gateway 200
Provides the WLAN controller, WLAN Gateway, and value added services in a Wi-Fi Radio Access Network.
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SmallCell Insight
SmartCell View is an application that runs on VMware and provides visibility, trend analysis, and reporting for Wi-Fi RANs.
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SmallCell 8800
Carrier-class dual-band 802.11n outdoor Access Point with support for an integrated LTE (or 3G) small cell.
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ZoneFlex 7782
Carrier-class dual-band 802.11n outdoor Access Point with BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology.
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ZoneFlex 7321-U with SmartPoint
SmartPoint provides a USB port that can support a 3G or LTE cellular dongle. This feature has been deployed on the ZoneFlex 7321-U indoor access point.