ZoneDirector Controllers
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ZoneDirector 5000
The most affordable and scalable high-end Smart WLAN controller in its class.
Supports up to 1,000 APs, 20,000 clients, 2048 WLAN per device.
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ZoneDirector 3000
An elegant, yet powerful family of Smart WLAN controllers for medium to large enterprises.
Scales from 25 to 500 access points.
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ZoneDirector 1100
Smart WLAN controllers that scale from 6 to 50 access points.
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Simple and straight forward centralized WLAN software system included on all our ZoneDirector Smart WLAN controllers.
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FlexMaster Centralized WiFi Management
Complete management platform for building and managing Enterprise and Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi Service Infrastructures. Securely control, monitor, and upgrade Ruckus ZoneDirectors and ZoneFlex APs from anywhere in the world, over the Internet or a private IP network.